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  • Is it too early ?
  • I am not that old ?
  • I have a nuclear family.
  • I don’t have enough wealth.
  • Nothing wrong will happen to me.
  • Whom should I approach ?
  • Where would I get a good lawyer ?
  • Lawyers are too expensive
  • I think it will take too much time
  • Don’t think I will have family litigation

If any of the above were reasons to not make a will, it’s time you checked out OnlineWILL. We offer you the convenience to draw a Will without having to run from pillar to post. What is more exciting is that we offer this service at a reasonable cost.

Our website is run by a team of dedicated legal and tax professionals, who have an expertise in the area of estate planning.


  • Most simple and convenient way of succession planning
  • Quick and easy way to write a Will
  • Cost effective Will-writing service
  • Strict Confidentiality
  • Guided tour and easy steps
  • A simple multiple-choice questionnaire
  • A 100% legal document containing clauses with decades of legal precedence
  • Every draft is vetted by a qualified legal professional
  • A secure SSL-encrypted link for you to send your information over
  • Optional correction, printing and binding of your documents
  • Optional Secure Document Storage
  • Will help you lead a tension free life
  • Future amendments can be done online
  • Free Membership Benefits
  • Multilingual option ( at fee) available

One generation plants trees, another gets the shade

Living life means assuming responsibilities. Responsibility towards yourself, your spouse, your children and all others you consider near and dear. Each day is an event, of different dimensions and hues, encompassing all the emotional facets of life. One thing is certain, time moves on and with it life. As we live our life, it is our responsibility to enrich the lives of those around us both emotionally and materially. Today, after years of the effort you have reached a position that allows you to create your own world of dreams and security. However, the story is far from over. The element of continuity demands that this cherished dream must be furthered for your loved ones and become in a way immortal. Let them also inherit your dreams and also secure their future and the future of generations to come. You have gone but you’re not forgotten. By drawing up a will, and making sure you update it when necessary, you will be saving your loved ones a lot of trouble later.